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Low dipoles radiate towards the moon and vertical monopoles require radials or counterpoises. The rocky nature of the soil or the presence of grazing cows in summer prohibit both ! I opted for a full size vertical dipole, the extra length that doesn't fit vertically being horizonal. The antenna has the form of a C, it is fed in the centre of the vertical section which is abt 20 m high. Impedance is 50 ohm and the antenna can be fed directly with a coax as it is asymmetric. The simulated radiation diagram is rather good for DX and in deed the results are excellent. For 160m, i just added 2 traps and some more length of copper wire.Of course the radiation pattern doesn't show the  wanted null towards the sky but  the antenna is easy to erect and reliable. It is described in detail in 2 articles mentionned in the "miscellaneous" section. I know of two of these antennas in Europe : Claudio's IK4LEC for 160 m and Fred's OH/DK4ZC for 80 m.

160 m 80 m

The half square consists of 2 quarter wave length verticals fed out of phase by a  1/2 wavelength wire. The coax can be connected directly as the impedance is 50 ohm. The half-square shows some directivity. It's a great DX antenna.

40 m half square antenna
Outer circle is at abt 3 dBi
horizontal diagram at 15 degrees elevation